How to Make Bootable USB for Windows

Nowadays we are so progressed with the new modern technologies of the world where everybody is getting ready for new challenges and these technologies are based on different kinds of Operating System or OS. Every device has its own OS like we got Android, Apple, Windows ETC.

One of the basic OS or Operating System is Windows which has a pretty long history and had a long method that we used to install it on our computers.

Well here I am to show you guys the pretty basic steps towards a Windows installation. As you may have guessed that I am gonna make a bootable flash or USB ( Universal Serial Bus ) so let’s start.

In order to know How to make bootable USB for windows we have the following requirements.


  1. USB which should have the storage over 4 Gigabyte or typically 4GB, it can be 8 GB or 16 GB.
  2. simply we need a Computer with windows. Well, you might say that every computer has windows installed on it. No there are some computers like Apple which don’t have windows installed inside but they have Mac OS.

you are good for making a bootable USB.

The steps bellow has the intention to get you a bootable USB so you better get ready.

Step 1:- Insert your USB flash to your computer and let the computer take its time to load it. Make sure that you don’t have any kind of necessary data on your USB flash otherwise it will be wiped up from your USB flash while we are making it botable.

Step 2:- Any kind of computer which has windows installed on it got a start button or windows button which is definitely on the left down corner of your desktop just click on that button as the picture below.


Step 3:- Write on the search bar ” Run” and you will find an app which is already installed in your computer with windows installation. just as the picture below


Step 4:- You have to click on Run then you will have a dialog box open on your screen. It has a search bar then you have to write “CMD” as the picture below. Click on OK or just press the Enter button on your keyboard.


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Working with CMD

Step 5:- It pops up another window. from here it starts the command parts which is the magic part of a computer. You have to write there “diskpart” and press the Enter key on your keyboard as the picture below

how to make a bootable USB

Note:- A window will pop up in order to ask permission for changes on the drive and you have just click Yes.

Step 6:- After you click on yes suddenly you are gonna have another window popping up on your screen. You will continue writing the command” list disk” as the picture below and click Enter.

how to make a bootable USB
List Disk

Step 7:- Now take in the command ” select disk 2 “. So before you hit the Enter button just make sure that you are taking the right disk number for making a bootable USB like mine is 2. I want to make bootable the disk 2 which is my USB flash.

Select Disk

Step 8:- Just keep going on with writing ” clean “.


Step 9:- Hang on with the next command which is “create partition primary ” and Enter.

Create Partition Primary

Step 10:- We have to format the disk which was selected and we have to write down ” format fs=fat32 quick”. We write the quick because it shouldn’t take too much of our time.

how to make a bootable USB
Format fs=fat32 quick

Step 11:- We are almost done. the last command is “Active” and Enter.

USB booting

And here you go How to make bootable USB for windows. By the way, don’t forget to close all the windows and send the Windows with Extracted files in your USB flash drive. Restart your computer for installation.

Make sure to check out the video of the post on YouTube.

How to make a bootable USB flash

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